Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mapping number 2

I got mapped again today. Volume was doubled from last visit. 3rd program was added. 1st program is Hires P. 2nd is hires P with noise filter, 3rd program is hires S.
P sounds a little higher than normal for voices is softer than S. S sounds more normal but also seems like you're underwater. But that will change with time and mappings. The Jamaicans took there drums and left. No more weired drum beats. I'm hearing sounds and voices better but still having trouble with understanding a lot of it. It comes and goes as far as hearing well one minute and things sounding like garbage the next. But according to the audi everything has been right along with expectations.I go back next tuesday for mapping number 3.

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Abbie said...

You are doing wonderfully! There will be some sound that will come through as static, that is your brain way of saying "Whoa, I don't know this sound," and it will slowly clear up little by little :)

So sit down if you can lol and tell dear Abbie wutcha been hearing :)