Friday, January 4, 2008

Cut it out!

I found out today from my wife that the surgeon said he cut about 1/8th of the cochlea off because it was so calcified and made it difficult to get the electrodes in. But by doing so he said he was able to get full insertion of all 16 electrodes which was important. Also, the ointment was causing a reaction to the area operated on. I thought it was yesterday as itching became intense right after putting the ointment on. So I quit using it friday morning and the itching subsided to almost nothing but the area remained very red. And throughout the day I would touch the area, and then maybe a different part of my head, or rub my eye. Well my eye started turning red, and watering and another spot I had touched slowly began itching so we called the ENT on call at the hospital and he agreed I was reacting to the ointment. So I showered and took a benadryl as advised. And yes, I did have a beer today Abbie. First one, but I made sure I hadn't taken any meds first and limited myself to the one beer, and it was GOOOOOOOOOD!!!! So itching is addressed, ointment is history, pain is under control, and my hemroids are finally clearing up. OH HAPPPY Day !!!!!!


Ulf said...

Hey Jim! Heard about you from Jennifer (steroephonicbionic)...

Want to wish you good recovery.
Read your blog, you seem like a tough and funny bloke! :-)

Keep it up and keep shining!


Abbie said...

Wait until the inner itches start! Thats a fun period :) You should be feeling better and getting back to your old self by today :) coughupdatecough