Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who's deaf?

On another blog I read that butterflies are deaf. Wow. I did not know that! But I do know that regular houseflies have their ears built into their wings. I did a project in jr high science class and proved it. I had a fly, took it in my hand and said "Shoo Fly" and the fly flew away. I caught the fly and pulled off half its legs and said "Shoo Fly" and the fly flew off. I caught the fly again, pulled off the rest of it's legs and said "Shoo Fly" and, you guessed it, it flew off again. So I caught the fly again and pulled off it's wings and said "shoo Fly" and the fly just stayed there. I said it again closer and louder "SHOO FLY" but the fly didn't move. The conclusion to the experiment was that a fly without it's wings cannot hear. I didn't do too good in science that year.
On the implant front. I'm healing much better. Almost done with the steroids and they did the trick. Only thing I'm not sure about is I'm still spitting up blood in the mornings and a few times throughout each day but that could be that it's only about two weeks post surgery so I'm not sure how long that is suppose to last. We'll find out I guess. Made some more homemade beer today, it's gonna be good. The wife says it's her favorite of the beers I've made so far.


Abbie said...

LOL Flies have built-ins! That made me giggle like nuts :) I wonder if they really make that buzzing sound... Something to look forward to in the summertime.

I'm glad to hear things are steadily improving for you! You had a bit of a rough start to your journey but soon you will be bionically hearing while chugging on some home made beer :)

Have you ever gotten into wine making?

deafcone said...

Yep. I have an elderberry-grape wine and an apple wine I need to bottle. Wnes easier to make than beer, but takes longer to be able to drink.

I'm working on a recipe for a peanut butter cup stout beer. If you like the peanut butter cups it taste just like them. mmmm!