Friday, January 4, 2008


IT HURTS! I thought I'd be feeling better and able to go back to work by today, 4 days after surgury. I'll type slower so you don't get too far behind from laughing.
Monday I got transplanted, spent half the day trying not to breath, the other half throwing up. Tuesday, I felt better, went home, and parked my butt in a recliner, popped some happy pills and went off to dreamland. Wednesday, I actually felt pretty good, not much pain,so I didn't take any pain pills, and I was on the computer most of the day and actually thought about going back to work thursday. HAHHAHAHAHAHA! Thursday proved me wrong. Head was throbbing, actually a little unsteady most of the day, so began the hobby of pill popping again. But I thought the worst was over and I'm wrong again, as friday brought a more pronounced pain, not terrible, but I thought it would be going away by now. Still unsteady and I stopped using the antibiotic ointment as it was causing more and more itching the more I used it. So my wife is calling about possibly getting an oral antibiotic instead. I'm taking short naps after popping a pill, and waiting patiently for things to improve. I have to be back to work on monday. Looking back on others blogs I should start feeling better as soon as tomorrow! Only other problem besides pain is redness behind the ear. I attribute that ot being only 4 days post surgury and possibly minor reaction to ointment. Itching has pretty much gone away since I stopped using it. Will be popping another pill in about an hour. It's groggy city if I take two, and one helps but not as well, so it's either live in a foggy state or be uncomfortable. I'm beginning to really like Fog!


Jeff said...

No, you're not a wimp -- at least not in my book! I think it's pretty rare for anyone to be up and steady again in anything less than a week after implant surgery -- especially if the surgery is more than an a couple of hours. Mine was almost 4 hours. The main thing that creates pain is the swelling, which usually peaks around the 3rd day after surgery. Anything you can do to minimize swelling will help. Are you sleeping on extra pillows to keep your head elevated? Be sure to contact your surgeon about stopping the antibiotic ointment. The last thing you want is an infection.

Abbie said...

Jim! You are not a wimp! My 3rd, 4th and 5th day were less then unamusing. I was in more pain on those three days then I was on day one and two. I was able to drive on Saturday but I wasn't able to walk around, I tried and felt like I was going to pass out. I slept in the recliner until that Sunday I believe. That incision picture is rated a pg-13 :) It looks like its smarts! Stay in the fog, it has its perks being perkulated :) This is all a normal process to something bigger and better.

I'm going to make a safe assumption that you haven't had any beer right?

Jennifer said...

One pill put me in fog city...I spent about my first week in the fog, so you're definitely not a wimp. I think that a lot of people are surprised when the pain flares up just when they think they're on the road to recovery...I know I was. My first day I was medicated to the teeth...second day I didn't feel a lot of pain so I thought I was hot stuff, but the third and fourth days I thought I was dying. Normal stuff!
Get better soon! :)

Paula said...

Hi Jim,

It took me a full 7 days to feel better after my 2nd implant surgery. Even then, I walked around as if in a fog and I wasn't on any pain pills! I think the anesthesia took a loooong time to wear off or something! I also had very sharp pain coming from the depths of my ear, soemthing I had not experienced at all with my first implant.

Hang in there, I'm now 8 months post surgery and had a bilateral eval today and I performed amazingly well! It is worth it.


Paula Rosenthal