Tuesday, January 1, 2008


It's janurary 1st 2008. Just got home form my implant surgury. Everything went well.
The first few hours after were PAIN! It was hurl city for 12 hours whenever I tried eating anything. After that things settled down and I was bored outta my wits. Spent overnight in the hospital. Pressure bandage was removed and no swelling,yet. Can't see the stitches at al, they were tucked under so they aren't visable. Surgury took an hour longer than expected. All in all it went ok. Now I'm home for a quick two day rest then it's back to work. Next time I'll remember to ask the "Gas man" for the anti nasuea meds. Thanks for all the support and happy new year everybody.


Abbie said...

OH JIM! YOUR BACK!!!! I'm glad to see you are ok but I'm sorry you were hurling! At least you home safe and sound and now its time to countdown to activation!

Did they give you pain meds? anti-nausea meds? are you eatting yet? Why did surgery take an hour longer then it was suppose to?

Look at me I sound like a little kid :)

deafcone said...


I got the pain meds and nausea meds. The surgury took longer because the surgeon said the skin was moving and it took longer to stitch up..activation is the 29th.Thaanks for being there.

Jennifer said...

Jim...glad you made it through OK!! I'm so excited for you!!! I did the whole hurling thing the first time around...NO fun!! I had some pain the second time around, but that's what the pain meds are for...take 'em! :)
Rest, rest, rest...take care of yourself!
The 29th will be here in no time...hooooray! :)