Thursday, January 3, 2008

Post op pics

Here are a couple pic of me with and without the pressure bandage. It's now thursday and the pain is managable. Flares up sometimes but the happy pills do a goood job!


Jennifer said...

Jim...great pics!! Seems like your surgeon, like mine, did a smallish got to keep your hair, it looks like...that's great!
Love the smiley-face sticker stuck on your made me chuckle :)

Cyborg Queen said...

Yo, you might want to put some type of warning or disclaimer among the pictures so if I click on it to see a "larger" picture, I wouldn't feel like I'm looking at you through binoculars. It was scary to see your ears...THIS CLOSE. lol! I love your blog..keep it up. I was implanted on Jan 10th, will be activated Feb 1st.