Monday, January 14, 2008


Well, we're in the beginning of a cold fron that will be lasting at least a week. This morning it was -24 with the wind chill when I went the work. DANG! The actual temperature was about -10 below but we just had to have a wind for good measure, $@&%@#! This weekend it will be getting down to -15 to -20 for lows not including wind chill. My alpacas were laying down happily chewing their cud this morning and I just shake my head in awe that they aren't the least bit bothered by the cold. They prefer to stay outside rather than in the barn. It's always open if they want to go in but they usually stay out. For those who don't know what Alpacas are they are a smaller cousin of the Llama. Alpacas have the softest fleece you've ever felt in your life. I shear them myself in the spring, and sell their fleece on ebay and try to sell offspring every now and then.
The cold bothers my implant area a little but if I wear hoods (two) then it's minimal. Not a big deal.
I'm close to a crisis as I figured out I might be running out of home made beer soon and the next batch won't be ready to drink in time so I might have to resort to buying (GASP) storebought beer! NOOOOOO!!!! Oh well. Six bottles of stout left, a lemon wheat ready to bottle, and a red irish ale will be ready to bottle this weekend. So I'll have to suffer through some Samuel Adams but, that's the breaks! The irish Red wont last long. It's for a family get together in an couple weeks.
I'm also going to make a peanut butter cup flavored stout. It's only going to be a gallon as it's an experiment. Sounds delish eh?

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Jeff said...


I'm glad that you're up to drinking beer so soon after surgery. I'm just now getting back to knocking one back now and again (more due to bugs than the surgery). Wow -- peanut butter cup beer sounds really, really good!