Friday, February 1, 2008


Voices are becoming clearer little by little. Noises at work weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. I can understand some of what's being said on TV if I'm reading the caption. Without the caption it doesn't register. With it I find myself saying, hey I heard that word! In the morning I need to turn the volume down on the processor. After a while I can start turning it back towards the noon setting. As far as specific sounds, I heard a car starting clear as a bell leaving work thursday. First time in years. I can hear my Sheltie bark his butt off when I get home. Annoying little Sh*t! Car blinker, road noise, especially those mini speed bumps to alert you that you're coming to a stop sign. Music and the background music on TV are pretty confusing yet. All in all I'm doing pretty good. I like the Hires P program much better than the Hires S program so far. I did ok on some basic words from the audiologists but did terrible with colors and animals. Who know horse and mouse were so similar? After getting mouse wrong for the 3rd time I tild the audiologist I'm bringing a mouse trap next session and getting rid of that dam mouse!


Abbie said...

Ahh perfect! While I wasn't one of the lucky ones that got to go back the next day after activation and that seems to make a big difference. I'm sitting here pondering whether or not I could have been hearing a helicopter much sooner then I could have been.

You sound like you are doing fantastic so far! Blinkers are realllllly annoying! I have a hard time imagining how I missed it all these years, I use to get yelled at all the time :)

Are you listening to audio books yet? They really help Jim, I will not steer you wrong!

Jennifer said...

Jim...if you can get ANY words at 3 days post-activation...after fifteen years of nothing...I'm VERY impressed!! You're doing GREAT!! And this is just the gets better and better!!! I'm so proud of ya! :)