Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Went to audiologists today to get tweaked. Problem with phone program was it wasn't there. program slot was empty. It's there now. Haven't tried it yet. Tweaked two programs, improving sound and quality in both. Now I need to use both programs and next time I go back we will use the one I like best as a permanent program. She tried covering her mouth and saying whole sentences. I skunked it. Then tried saying part of a saying and I finish it. Got about 80% of those right. For example she would say "Little Bo Peep lost her _ ? Virginity is not the right answer.
It'd dam cold here AGAIN! Our oldest Alpaca, Victoria, is having problems. She hasn't been able to stand up. She lays on the barn floor (hay bedding) and tries but can't get up. She's very skinny and we think she's weak from eatinh poor quality hay and not being able to maintain her weight. She had hypothermia last winter and spen a week in our kitchen. Well she's back in the house again. Hopefully with a few days of being in the warm house she can regain her strength so she can get up on her own and go back out with the other Alpacas. If not, then I'll have to put her down. Not looking forward to that. We've had her for 10 years. She's the sweetest animal on the planet. So lots of oatmeal, good hay, and suppliments hopefully will do the trick.

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Abbie said...

Jim, are you practicing with audio books? You don't know how much that will help you with understanding speech. It sounds like you are doing great so far!

I hope Victoria will pull there, it saddens me to no end to see an animal not up to the best of health, keep us updated! I'm praying for her!