Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Went to the audi and got remapped again today. One program had a lot of vibration to it when people talked so she tried fixing it. She ended up expanding the pulse width and Bingo, no vibration. So I have two good programs to play with now. She added a 3rd for using with phone but it doesn't work or the phone isn't compatible. No biggie.
I do have a problem in that the processors are cutting off like the batteries are going dead. But I take the batteries off and put the same battery back on and it works. I had one processor do it many times so I switched to the backup today and it did it once and I was at the audi when it happened. She is stumped. I tried all my batteries and it does it with any of them so she wants me to change the power cord that the magnet is attached to if it happens again to see if that could be the problem. We'll see. Aced the first word test with: Airplane, Toothpaste, Bluebird, and 3 others. Then we went on to States, and I did pretty good, then we went on to weather or numbers and that was trickier but I did good on the weather but the numbers were harder since a lot of different numbers sound the same. I'm trying to wean myself from using caption on TV but I still can't understand enough to do that yet. A big problem is background music on programs makes it really hard. Going back in two weeks for more brain training.


Jeff said...

One possibility is that the processor is losing lock with the implant. I was having the same problem and it was solved by turning off "Power Economy Mode" which increases the Radio Frequency power. Your battery life will drop by about 10% or so. It's probably due to the thickness of tissue above the internal magnet, which should thin out over time.

Abbie said...

Another possibility could do with the Auto Gain feature, in the beginning my processor was cutting out and the audi turned it off and it fixed the problem!

Your telephone program, does it have T-Coil activated or the telephone program adjustments used with the T-Mic?

Numbers are hard but easy at the same time. I'm a bean counter so I was constantly hearing numbers being hurled at me in every direction. I have no problem now understanding any given number on the phone or in person.

You are doing great Jim!!

deafcone said...

Audi said the telephone program would work with T-mic and if I used the mic with the cord attachment that I can also attach to the cell phone that I would only hear what was being said on the phone but no background noise. The program is on the middle switch but it does not work at all. I can hear with T-Mic and using the cell phone on loudspeaker but it isn't very clear and I couldn't carry on a conversation with it like that so I'll just have her adjust the program. Our cell phones might not be compatible either but I can't afford to byu a new one just for that right now.