Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Improvement with the implant has pretty much peaked. Still can't understand on the cell phone worth beans. Radio sounds different by the second and can't make much out of it. Asked the surgeons secretary to go forward with trying to get approval for the other ear but audiologists wants me to wait till 6 months after the first one to allow the first ear to get acclimated. Now I'm going back and forth as to whether I'm even going to do the other ear.
Audiologists submitted her first bill to the insurance company. $275 for the first visit. They paid $155 and I pay nothing. So that is a relief. I have 4 more mappings scheduled. Last one is in July. I'll wait to see if there's any more improvement before deciding on the other ear.


Jennifer said... will get better. And if you did your worst ear first, getting your better ear should be a treat...a lot of people do really well with their best ear..I know that was the case with me! :)

Abbie said...

No Jim, you haven't peaked out! After a couple mappings the volume levels start to balance out, you come out of that "oh boy! its loud stage!" Now is the time that your brain starts to reorganize itself and picks up words here and there.

This month, this month right here, is the first month I was able to understand someone right behind me without having to turn around. It takes time...