Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Went to audi today. Told her I didn't care for either program as they are. She asked why. One program peoples voices sound normal but I had trouble understanding them. The other I could understand what they said fine, but everyone sounded like they had a cold. Low nasal voice and it drove me crazy. So she went back to the drawing board, I listend to the beeps and let her know when it sounded comfortable, and then she tweaked the programs. I had her increase the volume and on on switch on the processor I had the volume increased even more to use with the phone. Night and day difference on the phone. Then I was put in the sound booth so she could see what frequencies I was hearing. Before the surgury I was hearing at about 110 dbs if at all. Now, I can hear between 30 and 50 dbs. Huge difference.
I go back in early april. Meantime I have a different program on each processor to play with to decide which one I like then it's on to the fidelity 120 program.


Jennifer said...

Jim....it sounds like you're making awesome progress!! The new map should make a huge difference...I'm excited for you!

Abbie said...

WOO! You had a great mapping session! You are really doing great Jim! There is no better feeling then a good map :)

How are you doing with the practice?

deafcone said...