Monday, March 31, 2008


Going back in for another mapping on the 11th. I could use some advice on a few things.
One is, which cell phone and service so you use and are you happy with it as far a compatibility with your implant?
Also, as far as hearing the radio, do you hear music ok, or is it a lot different than you remember it. Specific songs I heard before sound totally different, and some words and musicical sounds aren't noticable. If that WAS a problem with you and it isn't now, when and what changed it? I asked my audi about the fidelity 12o programming and we wil lbe starting that this next visit. I assume that wil lbring big changes in the music and voice problems.


Abbie said...

Hi! I use Verizon Wireless and from what I hear a lot of people get the Motorola Rzr because it is rated M4/T4 which is the highest rating that you can get for compatibility with implants. I have a Samsung u740 which is only rated at M3/T3. I can hear fine on it but it sucks in every other area. I don't suggest that one :) I'm around six months with the CI and i'm really becoming confident in using the phone.

A majority of the songs sound different to me but in a good way. Once you are switched on to Fidelity 120, you will probably notice a difference in music and voices. With some songs I can pick up a couple words here and there and then there are the songs that have a alot of instruments that I have to work at hearing.

How is your hearing doing anyway?

deafcone said...

Hi abbie,

My hearing is pretty good. I can understand most of whats being said. Even on the radio I understand the weather reports, and just verbal dialogue. I have the same problems with the music as you. Thanks for the tips on the phones. Once my contract with Unicel ends I'm dropping them, they stink.


Cyborg Queen said...

Well, for me, music is pretty much what I was the most picky at. The first month, it sounded HORRIBLE! It's because music has such a huge range of lows and highs and between. The vocals ranges are different as it's difficult for the CI to kind of break the sounds down.

I don't have AB, but it's pretty much the same thing.

I suggest you to listen to ballads, soft music instead of fast paced music. I'm at 4 months, and it's a lot better than when I was first will only get better.

Good luck!!