Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I went to the audi for some scheduled testing on tuesday. First test was a series of single sylable words I had to repeat back that a recorded voice said while I was in a soundproof booth. I scored about 42% on that. In 2005 when I took same test with hearing aid I scored 0%. Next test was same voice, saying a series of sentences. I scored 63% on that. 2005 0%. Lat test was different males voice, a series of sentences, but said "Ready" before each sentence and talked a little slower I scored 98% on that, and 0% in 2005. Pretty good. So to better understand what's being said i'm telling everyone I know that when they talk to me thay have to say "Ready" before each new sentence they say. LOL.
Last visit I has the fidelity 120 program activated with mixed results.
Things sound more normal but my comprehension suffered a little. Using the cell phon I actually heard better from the program before the 120 was activated so I had the audi put the pre 120 program back on one position for me to use for telephone use. So now I don't go back until July for final testing.
I'm busy moving into a different city so things are hectic right now. closer to work and will save some in gas which is getting insane price wise.
Still not sure about doing the other ear. Mainly depends on insurance approving it and then whether I want to go through it again. Undecided at this point.


Jennifer said...

Wow, Jim...considering that you didn't understand voices well at activation, I think your scores are AWESOME!! I always did better on that test when the voice said "ready" funny! And the single syllable words? I only scored about 60% on that...those are HARD! I'm VERY impressed!!!

Abbie said...

Wowsers Jim! That is a great improvement! Amazing! Now you should start to see an improvement with the words now. It ranges from easy to hard.

1. Sentences in quiet.
2. Words in quiet.
3. Sentences in noise.
4. Words in noise.

I'm glad you decided to post stranger, its been strange days without hearing from you!

David said...

Amazing! Your score is much higher than mine! Congrats!