Sunday, May 11, 2008


While driving through a small town in Minnesota my break warning light came on and a audible alarm sounded. Not wanting to stop right away and add break fluid I took off my implant so I wouldn't hear the alarm with the intention of filling the break fluid when I stop again. I had put the implant on my lap. I stopped at a grocery store to get some things and forgot about the implant being on my lap. It had fallen onto the parking lot. I drove about 20 minutes before realizing I didn't have my implant with me. I looked for it on the seat and only found the ear hook. AHHHH! I turned around and drove back to the grocery store and there was a big truck parked in the same spot I had been in. UH-OH! I looked and saw the implant in the center of the parking space under the truck. I had to crawl under the truck to get it and it was not damaged. WHEW! I though I was going to see an implant pancake in the parking lot because when I left, I had backed up, pulled forward, and backed up again turning to be able to get out and through it all I didn't touch the implant. Talk about LUCKY!


Abbie said...

Holy crabapple Jim!!

Whew! I'm so glad you recovered it with no problems!!

Jennifer said...

That was WAAAAAAAYYY too close for comfort! And it sounds like something I'd do...which is not comforting! ;)

Kim said...

WOAH!!! Now that is a CI horror story that I would expect to see on late night TV. The sheer panic of wondering if it was okay and found!