Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Went to Fairview in early November and was qualified. Heard from them just before thanksgiving that Insurance approved implant. Now surgury is scheduled for December 31st.
Activiation date is scheduled for Jan 22nd.
Just got my meningitis vacination and only have pre-op physical to do the week before surgury. Making a couple batchs of home made beer to before surgury so I'll have fresh beer on hand. So everything is going smoothly at this point.


Cloggy said...

Great to start a blog. Will be valuable later on.. especially when you will be looking back.
Perhaps an idea to write down now how much you hear. What the limitations are at this moment, and later on, compare...

I like this part:
[i]"The MRI was scheduled for 7 pm that evening. Meanwhile I had to see a "shrink" so he could check my mental state as far as expectations, support group, knowledge of the implant process and expected results. yada yada yada. He asked me if I had ever seen a "shrink" (easier to spell) before and I said once, for multiple personalities, but I'm totally cured. Then I proceded to argue with myself. Just kidding. I said no."[/i]

Pitty you were cured...
If not, the other personality could have paid for the sessions....

Just kidding.

Looking forward to hear more from you

Abbie said...

LOL! Fresh beer Jim? I'm at work and laughing hysterically. I can picture you in a recliner, keg on one side, trash can on the other, Styrofoam cup dispenser attached to the back.

I hope I don't get a pink slip for laughing at my monitor.

deafcone said...

Hi Abbie,

Yep, fresh beer. takes about two weeks from start to being able to dring it. But I bottle it. one batch is 5 gallons so it lasts a while.I'l lsave money on pain killers!