Friday, November 30, 2007

The vaccination shot left me feeling like c rap for a couple days, but I'm much better now. Just in time to ride out our first Winter Storm of the season. Expecting over 10 inches saturday and saturday night. Not looking forward to it at all! I raise Alpacas and have them all set up in the barns to ride it out. They don't mind the cold weather at all. They actually spend more time in the barn in the summer than the winter. They have dense fleece and can tolerate the cold easily but can get stressed from the heat of summer. Plus no misquitos or flies so they're perfectly happy in the barn durning the snow storms or laying around outside when it's below freezing. We did have one old female who got hypothermia last winter. She was 17 years old which is older than dirt for an alpaca. We ended up bringing her into our kitchen and setting up a makeshift stall for her to stay there. She wasn't able to walk for 3 days and spent a week in the kitchen, We made a coat for her out of a hunting vest and velcroed it on her and she spent the winter with it on. She was fine after that. We put it on her again last week. She's a sweet old girl so she deserves all the spoiling she gets.

While watching the landscape disappear under tons of snow saturday we will begin remodeling the bathroom. Some of it anyway. Then I'll be bottling a five gallon batch of beer I just made. It's gonna be soooo good.MMMMM!!! I already have two more kinds of beer I'll be making before I get put down on Dec 31st.

As far as the implant goes, I chose the Advanced Bionics HiRes. I'll be getting two processors, and my actication date is janurary 22nd so it's all coming together. I'm gonna be busy!
Well gotta go get the snowblower out of the barn and ready for the "blizzard"!

If y'all want any snow, i'll send it all your way!!


prova said...

No snow, please, here in Italy we have 60°F!
I got an AB HiRes90K too and I was activated 10 days ago, and let me say I am very happy!
I wish you a good surgery and an easy recovery like mines.
I would really like to see your alpacas, send a caress to the old sweet lady with her warm coat :)
Roberta from Italy

Jennifer said... was 60 degrees here yesterday...warm and slightly breezy. I'm not believing the snow!
The shot made me feel awful, too...but I'm glad it's over and done with.
Just a few more weeks...counting down the days with ya, Jim!! :)