Friday, September 21, 2007

Summertime is trying to hang on for dear life in central Minnesota. After a dry summer, mother nature decided to give us our annual amount of rainfall in one day, or it seemed like it anyway. We got over 4 inches of rain on Thursday.
One nice thing about the dry summer is the mesquitos were close to nonexistant. But they're making a serious try at a comback with all the moisture. Thanks god for Mesquito Magnet!Nearing the last week of September we're getitng closer to our first hard freeze, first snowfall, first huge heating bill. YIKES!
On the positive side, I'll be going to Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis in November to go through the testing to qualify for getting a Cochlear Implant. If all goes well it will be done between christmas and new years, while the plant I work at building transit busses is shut down for the holidays.
I've slowly lost my hearing over my lifetime. I was taught to read lips in 2nd grade, got my first hearing aid in 6th grade (hated it). it was a box type aid with cords going to both ears and at that age other kids were quick to tease and make you feel like a leper so I took it off and come hell or high water I wasn't wearing it again.
So after high school I got behind the ear aids for both ears. I wore those for several years before they weren't getting it done and I had to switch to a body aid. I had the body aid for about 15 years and now that is no longer working for me so my only option at this point is cochlear implants.
I've been scanning as many sites as I can to learn what to expect. Now it's all up to Fairview and the insurance company as to whether I will be a candidate or not.
We'll see soon enough.

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